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Vegan Shoes: How to know which shoes to buy.

Whether you follow a vegan diet or just want to start making a conscious effort to buy products that don’t use animal products, it can be a minefield to figure out what you can and cannot buy.


When it comes to shoes, there are some brands starting to make serious changes in the materials they use. Some are completely vegan friendly, while others have at least started to introduce more vegan friendly materials where possible, every little bit helps.


In the interest of full disclosure, this post is to help you to identify the main materials used to make shoes that are vegan friendly. Of course, there will be materials used that may be harmful to the environment while being cruelty free towards animals but let’s pick our battles! The only thing we can say about buying good quality shoes is that at least they will last longer therefore you won’t be throwing them out every few months. 


So, how do we identify what materials are used in our shoes? 

You know that annoying sticker at the bottom of the shoe, the one that when we rip it off can sometimes cause us to stick to the floor for a while when we walk? The one that we so quickly ignore and never actually read cause it’s just a bunch of symbols? Yeah, that one. 



You will see these little symbols on that sticker, if they aren’t on the sticker then they are actually on the shoe material itself. These highlight whether the material used comes from an animal or not.




Now this only highlights the materials used, not necessarily things used to combine those materials such as glues etc. However this is a really good starting point in figuring out what shoes to start with if you are trying to be a little bit more conscious of your purchasing choices. If in doubt always ask the brand and they will be able to tell you. Some brands will very clearly state they are Vegan friendly which means every element of the shoe is vegan friendly.

We are delighted to stock brands such as Ruby Shoo, Dr Martens, Toms, Coloko, Vans and Birkenstocks who have made serious inroads to producing vegan friendly products. 

You can find a range of these here but don’t forget to check the shoes in store too.


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